Top 5 Forks & Corks: Amore Restaurant’s Local Dish: Chicken Caprese Meatballs

Manager Tito Vitorino and his staff at Amore Restaurant had a solid plan for succeeding at the Grand Tasting in January. The Longboat Key eatery’s dish of choice: Chicken Caprese Meatballs. Insider Perspective: An unexpected, refreshingly simple chicken meatball on a plate, stuffed with mozzarella cheese and smothered in creamy sauce, was the ideal take-a-long savory sample.

Amore Restaurant’s Forks & Corks Top 5 List:

Q: What are some tips for prepping for the Grand Tasting?
A: Get to the show’s location early enough and take always more than you need to serve attendants. It really creates a bad image of your business if, halfway through the show, you do not have anything to serve.
Q: Do you have a wine pairing suggestion for the dish you served?
A: Any good Pinot Noir will do.
Q: What have you learned from past Grand Tastings?
A: The exposure of your business is always well-received, no matter what you do or what you serve, and the city residents really appreciate your presence.
Q: What were some of the best compliments you received about the dish you served?
A: Well, not too many people have had a chicken meatball before. Mostly, people were delighted with the originality and flavor of the dish.  
Q: What is your favorite thing about the Grand Tasting?
A: I enjoy interacting with so many other local businesses in town and tasting new wines.

Amore Restaurant | 555 Bay Isles Parkway, Longboat Key | 941-383-1111 |

Author:  Abby Weingarten

Written by : The Originals

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