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40 Years of Sandbar Memories

The year was 1979.  Gas was $0.86 a gallon.  The Who released their landmark album, "The Wall."  Margaret Thatcher was elected as the first female British Prime Minister.  The Sony Walkman was first released and you could listen to the hit, "I will survive" by Gloria Gaynor on it as it topped the charts. This was the beginning of... 

This was the same year that Ed Chiles purchased the Sandbar with the ideal to embrace the future while honoring the past of this historic site and all that the Sandbar has meant to the history of Anna Maria Island.

Over the decades, we have seen countless changes from renovations and expansions of the buildings themselves to the growth of the surrounding areas but all the while, the Sandbar has remained steadfast to providing a laid back, family atmosphere with great food, an authentic Florida experience and a menu that highlights the unique culture and environment in the area.