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Welcome New Members To SMO!

unnamed---2023-08-27T133047.161 Lox and Egg offers the BEST New York-style bagels on Florida’s Gulf Coast

We are beyond excited to welcome some newer Members to our Sarasota-Manatee Originals family.  The people within our community and those who vacation here truly appreciate the local flavors our Members provide.  As you know SMO loves to showcase the culinary landscape that our Members offer our community and its visitors.  We also love the support our community offers these independently owned and operated restaurants.  

These restaurants, our Members, offer a delightful dining experience.  Their dishes combine transcendent flavors with intriguing textures all in an atmosphere that makes their guests feel not only nourished but also embraced.  These newer Members are no exception.  We hope you take a moment to learn more about them and visit them!

The Chateau - Seafood Tower

The Chateau Anna Maria

5325 Marina Drive

Holmes Beach, FL 34217

The Chateau Anna Maria Menu

The Chateau Sarasota

2001 Siesta Dr.

Sarasota, FL 34239

The Chateau Sarasota Menu

With two locations on our sparkling Gulf Coast, The Chateau embodies their distinctive brand with an enchanting Southern influence. Their culinary creations are a harmonious fusion of French inspiration and Italian generosity, aptly described as "French-inspired with Italian portions." Portion sizes take on paramount importance – ensuring everyone's appetite is fully satisfied. 

You may have heard of the Foy family, and their restaurant concept The Chateau from the Food Network show Summer Rush. Husband and wife restaurateurs Buddy Foy Jr. and Jennifer Foy like to travel not only within the United States but also to Italy. This extensive travel has enriched their understanding of the significance that exceptional cuisine and memorable experiences hold during one's adventures. They extend a heartfelt invitation for you to savor and relish their offerings.


1289 N Palm Ave

Sarasota, FL 34236

Kojo’s Menu

Since its inception in February 2021, Kojo's contemporary Asian menu, captivating cocktail assortment, and exquisite selection of premium sake have captivated the palates of the most discerning and refined diners.

The Kojo experience transcends mere sustenance. When you visit you will find yourself immersed in the meticulously crafted flavor profiles of their cuisine, relishing their signature cocktails, and exploring their curated assortment of premium sake. It is a dynamic menu and a reflection of the ever-shifting tapestry of the world around us, drawing inspiration from its constant evolution.

At Kojo, they firmly believe that dining is an art that engages not only the palate but all the senses. It's a journey that invigorates and satisfies multiple levels. Let them be your newfound indulgence that harmoniously blends culinary excellence with sensory delight.


1561 Lakefront Drive #111

Sarasota, FL 34240

Kore’s menu

Kore Steakhouse offers a unique tabletop grilling adventure. With interactive dining, guests become both chefs and diners, using state-of-the-art tabletop grills to perfect cuts of meat. Their menu fuses Korean, steakhouse, and Asian fusions, creating dishes that satisfy a global palate, from marbled boneless short ribs to salmon tartar. Experience the fun blend of traditional techniques and modern customs as you savor each bite, celebrating flavor depth and cultural heritage. Whether grilling with friends or relishing their fusion creations, Kore Steakhouse guarantees an immersive dining journey, elevating the culinary experience to new heights.


The Ringling Grillroom 

5401 Bay Shore Road McKay Visitor's Pavilion

Sarasota, FL 34243

The Ringling Grillroom’s menu 

Nestled in the enchanting Ringling Estate, The Ringling Grillroom embodies culinary excellence for special occasions and casual lunches alike. With a modern American flair transcending genres, they cater to diverse tastes.

Amidst Bayfront Gardens, their backdrop enhances dining, reflecting their commitment to locally sourced, fresh ingredients. A chef-driven menu delivers vibrant, delectable creations.

Their wines, beers, and signature cocktails harmonize with their offerings. You are sure to enjoy the captivating views, meticulously prepared dishes, and shared moments of delight at The Ringling Grillroom.

Lox and Egg 

4065 S Tamiami Trail

Sarasota, FL 34231

Lox and Eggs menu

Indulge in your breakfast cravings at Lox and Egg, where delectable bagels adorned with a variety of fixings await. Sample the fresh cream cheeses, exquisite lox, and a medley of veggie toppings, crowned with premium Boars Head lunch meat for the perfect start to your day.

For a satisfying lunch, Lox and Egg beckons with a selection that spans from flavorful Boars Head lunch meat to the most savory lox and vegetable embellishments. Ideal for those on the go, grab a bite before hitting the beach or resuming your workday activities.

A cherished family-owned establishment, Lox and Egg not only opens its doors to all with a welcoming ambiance but also prides itself on honoring cherished Jewish food traditions passed down across generations. Within this charming café, you'll discover a harmonious blend of warm hospitality and culinary heritage that leaves an indelible mark on every visit.

Coming Soon To Main Street!

As you may know, meLange and Pangea Alchemy Lab owner and longtime Sarasota-Manatee Original Chef Lan Bradeen sold her restaurant last May to Chef Jeremy Duclut. Originally from Burgundy, France and a Michelin-trained chef, Chef Duclut and partner Chef Jonathan Warfield have some exciting things in store for the Main Street location and we are delighted to share some of the details. 

While the restaurant is currently closed for renovation and reinvention, you will find Pangea currently open and serving some guest favorites. Be on the lookout for Marcel restaurant to open in the former meLange space in October. Can’t wait!

And we’re super excited that their lovely crepe and coffee shop concept - The Wooden Rooster - will be opening in the space just in front of Pangea. This will be the third location for The Wooden Rooster, whose fans rave about the homemade crepes and sandwiches, seasonal soups, and salads. As well as handcrafted coffee beverages, craft beers, and wines. (The shop in St. Pete has been open for 7 years and is recognized as one of the best breakfast places in the area! Check out the website here.) Sarasota’s Wooden Rooster is planned to open in mid-September.

We would like to welcome Chef Duclut, Chef Jonathan, and GM Caitlin to our sparkling Gulf Coast and Sarasota-Manatee Originals!   

We hope you get a chance to visit all these amazing restaurants soon if you haven’t done so already.  You will not be disappointed!  As always, Eat Like A Local!