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[The Dish] Getting Stuffed on Blueberry Pancakes at The Breakfast House


Simple, fluffy blueberry pancakes—just on their own—are reason enough to eat breakfast any hour of the morning or evening. Add lemon curd, lavender and ricotta cheese to the mix, and it is go time!

At The Breakfast House—a Key-West-style bungalow in Sarasota's Historic Downtown Village—owner Wendy Lee Goldberg whips up her coveted Lemon-Lavender-Ricotta-Stuffed Blueberry Pancakes, and she is no stranger to making upwards of 300 on any given Saturday. What makes the flapjacks so fabulous? Goldberg, who opened The Breakfast House 13 years ago, invented them. The New York Daily News even compiled a roundup of the best pancakes in every state and, for Florida, The Breakfast House took the (pan)cake.

The pancake recipe actually originated with an extract experiment. Goldberg has regularly sourced her all-natural, organic flavorings from a secret spot in California. Once, she ordered a sample box of extracts from the company (with butter rum, coconut and vanilla) and some lavender came in the package, so she added a bit to her pancake batter. The idea of using ricotta in the mix was inspired by cannoli filling, and the lemon curd adds a little tartness. Goldberg also uses whole-fat buttermilk and clarified butter. Not that the stuffed pancakes need it, but Goldberg serves only genuine Vermont maple syrup at her locale. So drizzle it on a stack and get decadent.

The Breakfast House, 1817 Fruitville Road, Sarasota, 941-366-6860

Featured in SRQ Daily Tuesday Foodie Edition 
By: Abby Weingarten | Published on: Tuesday, April 5, 2022
Pictured: The signature Blueberry Pancakes at The Breakfast House are stuffed with lavender, lemon curd and ricotta cheese. Photo by Peter Acker