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Please Take Action - Tell Congress to Replenish the RFF


Restaurants and bars are central to the soul of any city. Here on Florida's Gulf Coast, our community’s diversity, values, and spirit are expressed through the casual eateries, fine dining establishments, and late-night spots that unite us. Each of these is a stage for memories, big and small: birthdays, anniversaries, networking, catching up with friends, chance meetings.

The COVID-19 pandemic devastated communities around the world. Our local restaurants and bars did their part to stem the spread of the virus by shuttering their doors and reimagining their businesses to try and survive. Too many small restaurants had to close forever during the pandemic, despite the wave of public aid. As we move towards a post-pandemic future, many bars and restaurants are still on the precipice of financial survival.

More financial relief is needed to help restaurant owners continue to stay afloat as the omicron variant deals a major blow to the restaurant industry. The most-recent National Restaurant Association (NRA) survey notes that 76% of restaurant operators report "that their conditions are worse now than they were just three months ago."

We need Congress to take immediate action.
90,000 restaurants have closed their doors temporarily or long term.
We need legislation to replenish the Restaurant Revitalization Fund.

Earlier this week, the NRA launched a grassroots campaign urging industry members to reach out to Congress.

Please take a moment and tell your representative that restaurants need relief now!