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Overture Restaurant Debuts New Theme!


To pay tribute to art and artists, Overture Restaurant is debuting a new theme that combines the art driven mark of Art Ovation Hotel and takes it to completely different level. Overture uses art as the muse to create a complete sensory experience combining art, food, beverage and sound. 

"We hope to keep it fresh for our locals and capture the appeal of our guests. Our first restaurant theme is a Cuban inspired concept", said Mark Galvin, Executive Chef of Overture. He continued with "Authentic Cuban food doesn't have to come from a local family diner. Case in point, Cuba at Overture, is a trendy, upscale restaurant which serves traditional dishes with a modern twist". At Overture, expect to enjoy all of your Cuban favorites but with specific flair of creative juices that the art ovation hotel has been offering since its inception. 

The new menu will be available starting November 11, 2020. Overture has partnered with Booker High School's art department to paint the Cuban theme on the steps and outside of the restaurant. Reservations are suggested. Call 


In the heart of downtown Sarasota, Overture Restaurant & Gallery Lounge, offers indoor and outdoor dining with Palm Avenue views. The restaurant, anchored by the stunning Art Ovation Hotel, extends the property's burgeoning art and entertainment exhibitions as the onsite galleries flow freely throughout the lounge and dining room. Overture presents exhibit inspired experiences for a full immersion of your senses through Chef curated menus and orchestrated soundtracks.

Overture's rotating exhibitions of cuisine are an expansion to Sarasota's exhilarating art scene and each new theme allows us the opportunity to re-design how we see and experience various cultures and culinary delights. Our Chef's reputation for artistic presentation, innovative takes on generational recipes, and their focus on local sourcing create an unparalleled concept that will continuously evolve just as the gallery within.


Discover the works of Converging Dialogues in Contemporary Art, Cernuda Arte Represented Artists; Romelle, Underwater; Daniella Steiner, The Opening; Peter Jacob Christ, Gone But Not Forgotten;Women's Work, the Petticoat Collective and Lisa DiFranza, Time Lapse 2020

Art Ovation, an Autograph Collection hotel located in downtown Sarasota, announced today the new art exhibitions are now open through March 2021. These exhibits highlight a variety of talented artists who express creativity in distinct ways and show how multi-faceted the arts can be. In addition, the Overture Restaurant is debuting a new Cuban inspired menu in honor of the artists.

The new exhibitions are presented by Francine Birbragher-Rozencwaig PhD, Art Ovation's Senior Art Curator, responsible for bringing each exhibition to the property. Dr. Birbragher-Rozencwaig stated, "We're proud to present these creative collaborations and celebrate the diverse range of visual works within Florida's art community."

The first in the collection of inspiring artists is the exhibition, Converging Dialogues in Contemporary Art: Cernuda Arte Represented Artists, presents a panorama of contemporary Cuban art made inside and outside the island. The show includes works by Giosvany Echevarria, Miguel Florido. Flora Fong, Lilian Garcia-Roig, Danuel Mendez and Jorge Luis Santos.

The next exhibit is Romelle, Underwater. Romelle is an abstract painter based out of Denver, Colorado. She specializes in bright, highly textured pieces that bring spaces to life. Romelle has shown her work at the Aqua Miami during the Art Basel in 2019 and various other shows in Denver, Detroit and New York City. She is currently serving at the Creative Director for BABE WALLS Mural Festival, which features the works of women and non-binary people in art.

Daniela Steiner, The Opening. Daniela is a Venezuelan artist who was chosen among a group of contestants to exhibit her pieces in renowned museums such as the Lia Bermudez Museum, country clubs and other locations in Maracaibo, Venezuela. As an artist her primary purpose is to share the expressions of her inner being using color, lines and composition. She uses an organic and lyrical abstraction that gives a sense of nurturing and continuity and expressions the healing in her artwork.

The Exhibition Women's Work: The Petticoat Collective features the works of sixteen award-winning members of the organization and is presented on the occasion of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of women's suffrage. The second of a two-part exhibit features Jacqueline Clark, Peppi Elona, Madeline Ginsberg, Evelyn McCorristin Peters, Jana Millstone, Janet Misher, and Diane Schmidt. The show highlights a variety of techniques and subject matter.

Peter Jacob Christ, Gone But Not Forgotten. His paintings have been called representational, although they are planned and constructed in ways that recall the works of abstract expressionists and modernists. Peter Christ's blends the fading imagery of the 1950's North American Signage, typography, toys and everyday objects with the sensational qualities of animals and the natural landscapes. Peterjchrsit.wizsite/paintings.

Lisa DiFranza, Time Lapse 2020. Lisa's artistic drive comes naturally, being raised in New York City, in a family of artists. She remembers watching her dad sketch the characters and scenes in their neighborhood, and her parents encouraging her to create her own artistic expressions. Lisa, who worked at Art Ovation Hotel as its Cultural Curator for two years, started Sketch-a-Day in March 2020 during the Covid-19 health crisis. The colorful watercolors presented in this exhibition reflect on her experience during these unusual times.
Visitors can explore the art installations daily throughout the property's public spaces. Enjoy a glass of wine from the Gallery Lounge and stroll through the exhibition on a self-guided wine and art tour. The works will be on display through March 2021. To find out more about these exhibitions, the artists and their works, visit